Friday, 7 November 2014

Martha Stewart Heart Craft Punch

Martha Stewart Crafts Heart Punch

With Christmas coming up I know many people are wanting to make their own gifts and cards. 

Many serious crafters are well underway with their designs, cards and presents.  So if you are wanting to add an individual touch this year, this simple piece of equipment might help you.

If you have a heart themed card or git in mind you will find this craft punch in a simple heart design useful. 

With it you can create templates and stencils for many craft projects. I think it would be fun to use it to cut out hearts and make a collage of hearts. Lovely on cards for Weddings, Birthdays, Valentines day and Christmas. I would love it with glitter sparkly Christmas paper!  You could even pop a few in loose to give it an added taste of fun or luxury. 

It would be an amazing way of making your own completely customised wedding confetti too. However please note that it is not really for use on thin tissue paper, you will get disappointing results. Use heavier card stock or thicker paper for the hearts. 

The heart shape itself is approximately one inch high. So it can be used to cut out hearts of about that size. Some have said this is too small, others that it is OK, so you need to see what your needs are. You cannot alter the size of the heart.

In practical terms, this craft punch has a spring action lever which makes using it easier. 

If you need to sharpen it, which probably depends on how often you use it and on what type of paper,  its really easy to do just by punching through aluminium foil. 

If it requires lubricating, just punch through waxed paper.

 I would advise keeping some of both the waxed and aluminium paper in so its there as you need it. However, there is no expensive sharpening or lubrication tools or anything required. 

Martha Stewart Crafts Heart Punch

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Plush Craft Heart Pillow Kit For Children

Plush Craft Heart Pillow Kit is A fun and easy project for children. There is no sewing needed in this kit.

It contains everything that is required to make the cushion. Four hundred pieces, one tool, one pillow and a range of coloured fabric pieces.

This Heart Cushion set would make a lovely gift for any child who  is showing an interest in crafting or if you would like them to get started on crafting skills. It is a lovely gift for a grandparent or parent or anyone in the family, to give to a child. 

Then after they are finished crafting they can use their very own cushion, they had the satisfaction of making, in their bedroom. 

Please note very important - this kit does have some very small pieces that could be a choking hazard so it is certainly not suitable for children or to be around children unsupervised under 3 years of age and parents should use discretion for children older than this.

 Really recommended for children  five years and over. I think it would most suit children between the ages of 5 and 10 years of age, given some supervision for the younger ones. 

I also think it would be lovely for a child to make this for a Grandparent, Godparent or Auntie maybe for a Christmas or Birthday gift.

The parts are in organised bags and the process is very satisfying and not too difficult for little hands. You just need to put the fabric pieces into the pre numbered template using the not too sharp tool, so it will be manageable and workable for most children in the age range 5 to 10 years. 

Do have a read of what parents have said about this kit on Amazon by clicking through Plush Craft Heart Pillow Kit

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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Dried Lavender Heart Wreath For Our Homes.

English Cottage Garden Collection Beautiful Lavender Heart Wreath from

I love anything lavender and have lots of lavender growing in my garden. Especially as Autumn/Fall approaches and the nights draw in I love to keep the scent and look of lavender alive in our home. 

So I often bring in lavender from the garden at this time of year.  

I have been thinking for some time about having a proper lavender wreath in a Heart shape for our home and when I came across this one I wanted to share it with you .

It is from the English Cottage Garden Collection and made with dried leaves, lavender, cream roses, larkspur and other flowers. Just Lovely. 

This wreath is custom made to order and each one will vary a little, which I think is lovely as it gives a unique feel to each and every one. 

 It is also available in different sizes from 17 inches to 22 inches (you need to ensure you place the correct order size -which is on different listings- carefully) to suit wherever you decide to place it. 

I think it is a beautiful way to keep the freshness and beauty of summer going for longer in our homes. I an feeling I would place it in either our  bedroom as it is relaxing and suits our theme in their  or the Kitchen as it will contrast nicely with our yellow colour scheme and look great there where everyone visiting will see it. 

Where would you place your lavender heart wreath?

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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Vintage Crochet Pattern-Heart

I love this beautiful heart crochet design. It is available from This is a pattern to make this pretty heart. If you crochet or you know someone who does this is a gorgeous pattern to have.

The Vintage look is really quite fashionable now and any crocheter would be happy to receive this pattern. If it is a gift you could go one step further and supply the means to make the pattern too! 

Click Here For Vintage Crochet Pattern from

This is also something that once made could be given as a gift for a newly married couple, a house warming, a Christmas gift or a house warming present. 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Home and Introduction

"Simply Hearts And Crafts" is a place to come to find lovely things for your home or gifts. I will include all manner of beautiful craft work.

Why Hearts? Well I see our home as the heart of our world -a place to be loved and safe and happy.

So crafts that might be included are cushion designs, willow crafts, jewellery design, throws, crochet, lace or painting. There will be a focus on hearts as I love them but not exclusively and really anything that says love, heart or home

So I intend to seek out lots of love,heart and home designs out there for you !

They can be so useful and appropriate as gifts for weddings, birthdays, Christmas and Valentines day! 

So I hope you will join me into this exploration into hearts and crafts and enjoy yourself :)